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A captivating tale, painted colourfully with rich sound textures of dreamy guitar and voice loops,shakuachi, percussion, hand clapping, slide guitar, grand piano, e-bass, double bass and kalimba. Strong rhythm drive and expressive, exploring singing.Vital, confronting, sensitive and sensible performance-”Story of love and other demons”… Natasza Kurek Group, was established in the Netherlands by the leader in 1996. In current setting since 1999. It consists of musicians from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Iceland. more.The band has toured Poland and Germany, giving also concerts for the Polish National Television, Icelandic National Radio, and appeared on festivals like the Rurek-Jazz Festival in Reykjavik/ Iceland (1998), Seven Bridges Festival Amsterdam/ Holland(2000), North Sea Festival in the Hague/ Holland (2001).


Artikelnummer: JNA2404
  • Natsza Kurek (voices, shakers, vocal loops)
    Florian Zenker (guit., guit.-loops/effects)
    Gulli Gudmundsson (bass and shakers, voice)
    Arnulf Ochs (guit.)
    Wolfert Brederode (piano, melodica)
    Ignas te Wiel (perc., shakuhachi, overtone singing, cajon)
    special guest:
    Siggi Baldursson (drums, chinese opera gong, shakers)

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